Confidence in serving food clean and safe,
Delight of having better taste,
Freshness for a healthy dietary life,

These are our beliefs embodied in INVIGOR.

We are heading for the future
with the better taste, nutritions, and health of natural foods.

INVIGOR has established a new standard for processing edible insects.



'Eating' in our life has been evolved into cultural behavior,
and therefore enjoying 'the flavour, nutrition, and freshness' of foods is highly valued
according to the changes of environments, and recipes with the times.

However, we also are in the face of difficulties of 'what to eat' related to the rearing densities,
the zoonotic infections and the genetic modification of animals.

Our journey has started from the deliberation,
"Is there a food which is not only safe but also nutritious and tasty?"

Edible insects from the natural resources are processed safely
and hygienically to be appropriate for our families and children to eat.

Through the strict food safety administration from farming and processing insects,
INVIGOR, we would make our best effort to keep you healthy and feeling the joy of eating.

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in our corporation.

Agricultural Corporation D&E Innovation Co., Ltd.
The CEO Lim Jeonghyeok


  • 2015.07

    Established as D&E Innovation Co., Ltd.

  • 2015.12

    Patent Application (No.10-2015-0172892)
    Applied for a patent for manufacturing snacks that contain the powder of roasted insects.

  • 2016.03

    Moved the head office to Business Incubation Center in Kongju National University Yesan Campus.

  • 2016.03

    Changed into Agricultural Corporation.

  • 2016.07

    Patent Application (No.10-2016-0096579)
    Applied for a patent for manufacturing chutney with the powder of insects.

  • 2016.07

    Patent Application (No.10-2016-0096568)
    Applied for a patent for supplements that activate liver function with ethylacetate fraction from grasshopper.

  • 2016.09

    Launched a new brand named "INVIGOR".

  • 2017.03

    Exceeded the appointed crowdfunding 'Wadiz' by 113%.


The word 'INVIGOR' is a compound word originated from
'insect' and 'vigor' and also derived from the word 'invigorate',

meaning "to invigorate by vigor of an insect".

Edible insects are high in protein compared with the beef,
and abundant in nutritions such as amino acids, fibre and so on.
For those reasons, edible insects have been noted for alternative food resources and
eco-friendly farming, which prevent genetic mutation from conventional livestock farming.

INVIGOR added edible insects in powder form
so that anyone could feel more comfortable and familiar with eating insects.
Using natural ingredients harvested from the ideal environment,
authentic flavour harmonizes with high-nutritional composition.

A valuable gift from nature, processed food made of edible insects, INVIGOR
We deliver natural taste, nutritions of foods, and liveliness of the day to your loving families.


INVIGOR has developed a variety of
new products using edible insects:
energy bars, cookies, biscuits,
jams, chutney, dressings, baby foods.

Click the image for the details.



All products of INVIGOR can be purchased from the link below.

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Agricultural Corporation D&E Innovation Co., Ltd. (877-87-00186)
The CEO Lim Jeonghyeok
#209-2 Business incubation center, (Kongju National University Yesan Campus)
54, Daehak-ro, Yesan-eup, Yesan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, 32439, Republic of Korea
T. 041-333-1217
F. 041-333-1219
E. ap300@invigor.co.kr

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